Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Good Things Come in Small Boxes!

Paper boxes tied up with string...these are one of my favorite things

There is a great craft book called "Papercrafting in No Time" by Clare Youngs. It has 50 projects that are very doable for the novice, but classy and modern enough to appeal to the experienced crafters as well.  Typically the projects are simple to make but look tasteful and whimsical when finished.  Projects include templates, patterns, and lots of great photos. Instructions are generally clear and easy to follow.

I've already got 3 projects lined up, and the first is this fun, versatile, easy gift box. They are addictive to make!  You can use all kinds of papers- wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper, wallpaper, even old calendars.

Begin by copying and enlarging the template from the book to the desired size onto cardstock.  If you have the ability to laminate the template I would recommend this to preserve the edges of your pattern.  If the template is a bit slippery, add a few small strips of masking tape to the bottom of the template to keep it from sliding around as you trace it on to the paper.

Trace the template including holes and slots.  Cut out the box template.  With an x-acto knife carefully cut out the slots.  Tip- the slots are much easier to use if you make them just a tad longer than indicated on the template.

Next make the holes with a hole punch and score on the lines indicated on the template to create the box shape.  If you don't own a bone folder or a scoring tool, try using a chop stick or cap from a ball point pen.

 Carefully fold up the tabs along the scored lines.

Take one of the tabs with the slot and pull it over one of the tabs with the punched holes. Next take the second tab with the punched holes and slide it up through the slot next to the first tab with the punched holes.  Take the last tab and carefully pull it over the two tabs with the punched holes.

Lastly thread a ribbon through the holes and tie into a bow.  Add a gift tag if desired.

Fun idea-
For a Christmas Advent activity make a number of these boxes for the days leading up to the holiday.  Attach a number to each box and fill with a little treat, or poem, or toy. Hang them on the Christmas tree and have your kids find the box for that day.

P.S. Look around the web for other fun boxes to make by typing "box templates" into the google search box.


  1. such a clever design! I love it. Kathleen

  2. These boxes are wonderful! What a fun, creative way to personalize a gift. Thank you for the beautiful photos of the technique, and for the fun idea!