Thursday, November 8, 2012

Get Your Accordion Ready For The Holidays!

Not too many people have the ability to play this charming instrument, but almost all of us can fold paper and thus create accordion pleats.  This easy and fun project has so many uses- cards, mini-books, photo albums, gift tags, and little journals.

They make memorable handmade gifts that don't cost a fortune or require a bunch of tools. You just need paper, scissors or craft knife, ruler and glue or glue stick.
You can really experiment with this project.  Try different sized paper, but be sure you have a square.  You can make as many pockets as you want or just use one for a tag or ornament.  
My favorite part of this project is choosing the paper!  The thinner the paper the easier it is to fold, but you can still use heavier papers such as scrapbooking paper or cardstock.  Here is an idea- have your kids color and decorate paper that you then fold into the pockets. Finish by adding photos of the kids, creating a special photo album for a family member.  

This project came from a wonderful book called Origami Card Craft by Karen Elaine Thomas.
In this book the author goes over the basic folds and also provides illustrations with directions. To make this even easier I found this video clip of the author demonstrating this project!  Now there is no excuse not to try this out.
With over 25 projects you could keep yourself busy folding for weeks on end, of course with accordion music playing in the background.

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