Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Let it snow...

Haven't you always wanted to snap your fingers and change the weather. With paper snowflakes its practically that easy.  All you need is some paper and sharp scissors and you can create your own snow storm to dress up your home.
Try out different colors!

Here is a gift I topped with a snowflake that I had sprayed with glue and then dusted with glitter.  

There are many ways to fold your paper, if you are curious just look around the Internet.  This clip shows my favorite way to fold your paper to make a snowflake.

After making 20+ snowflakes in the last few days I can still say I really enjoy this simple craft.  The best part is opening your folded paper after you've finished cutting out your design. I'm always surprised!  I tried a few designs from the book Paper Snowflakes: for all ages by Robert P. Kelley, but mostly I looked at pictures on the web to get inspired.
Origami paper (which is thinner than regular computer/copy paper) is nice to use to get really intricate designs, but your snowflakes will be floppy.  Computer/copy paper is sturdier for making garlands, but it is a little harder to cut since it is heavier paper.  Try using dental floss or heavy thread to make a garland.  Be careful unfolding your snowflake especially if you have a really delicate design, you don’t want to tear it. To get your paper really smooth after you unfold it, press your snowflake with an iron set on low.   
 snip, snip snip

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  1. these snowflakes are blowing my mind! when i think of paper snowflakes, i think of grade school craft time, one step away from valentine hearts made by folding a sheet in half and then blindly cutting into it. thanks for the inspiration. do you have links to the above designs?